“$10 million a year is spent on poor quality data by Enterprises in US”, TDWI 2016

Spotless is the API that guarantees data quality in your workflow

Fast, Easy and Reliable Quality

“The growth of world data is exponential. From 8 Zetta Bytes of world data in 2015 the data will grow to 35 Zetta Bytes in 2020”,
- Deloitte Touche Tohmatsu.
Spotless is a web service API you can build into your data projects to guarantee data quality throughout the lifecycle.

System Integrators

- Use Spotless when transferring data from one platform to another.
- Use Spotless data to validate data from legacy platforms.


- Use Spotless where you have known sources of dirty data.
- Use Spotless when collecting manually entered data.
- Use Spotless with legacy platforms.

Platform vendors

- Build Spotless into your tool to ensure data quality throughout.
- Use Spotless to verify third party data sources before ingesting.

3 Steps To Quality Data!

Integrate the Spotless API with your systems here.

Spotless runs a rule driven proprietary data cleansing algorithm

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Who we are

We’re a team of data scientists that are passionate about data quality. ‘Data is the new Oil’ and poor quality business data costs US businesses $611 billion a year. Spotless data guarantees the quality of your data so you can focus on business value.

How it works

Spotless validates data against a set of validation rules. Where data does not meet the validation rules it either rejects the data or fixes it automatically. If it cannot be fixed it is automatically escalated for review.

How to buy

Spotless offers flexible payment options that suit the needs of businesses from large enterprises to Big Data startups. You pay for the size of data you process. Set Spotless for auto renewal and you never worry about bad quality data in future. First 100Mb is free! Buy here