Data is the new oil

Drilling wells for oil. Data also needs mining and then refining through data cleaning

The concept of refining data perfectly illustrates how important data quality is in the 21st century.

Data as the new oil

If data are the new oil, then the data scrubbers, ensuring that your data have data integrity, are the new oil refineries. Crude oil is the basic ingredient of a whole range of products and yet of itself has little value until it has been refined into the products we all use. The same is true of data in this new century. Without large quantities of big data it is hard to be truly competitive in most modern industries, and yet, if the data are unclean, inaccurate or corrupted, they have about as much value to their owners as crude oil has to a haulage firm or a manufacturer of products made from plastic.

Recognising that the delivery of high data quality has now evolved, our approach at Spotless Data is to prevent the contamination that is poor quality data in all its forms from affecting your business by data cleaning it at the point of entry into your platform with our unique, web-based Data Quality API solution. We know that data scientists spend between 60 and 90% of their working lives cleaning data, and we want to free up the time and energy of your business to pursue all those other tasks that will make it a successful company by ensuring the data validation of all the data in your data repository.

Three bad quality data issues

The three main problems with bad quality or unrefined data that we have identified are:

1. Giving managers inaccurate information about their company

2. Creating a loss of trust by customers and users who are always going to be looking for the best company to meet their needs

3. Failed marketing and sales campaigns, which are going to have a much better chance of success when based on accurate information and reporting rather than when these are inaccurate, which in the worst case scenario could result in your company employing too many or too few people in your marketing and sales departments.

21st century business

Whereas in the 20th century most businesses stored their data on pieces of paper filed according to the ordering system of their employees and sitting in filing cabinets, in this new century data are big and stored in computer files either in local computers or more commonly in the cloud. Just as competitive and successful businesses had to shed the Victorian era by using petrol instead of horsepower in order to power their tools so in the 21st Century businesses have to shed their physical filing cabinets in order to power their businesses and their business tools with big data; and yet simply placing your information in the cloud or backed-up in your local computer is not enough when the data contain mistakes or other corruptions, especially not when your competitors have higher quality data than you do. Trying to run a successful business with dirty data is a bit like trying to power your trucks with crude oil. Spotless Data firmly believes that the companies with the highest quality data, because they use our unique web-based data quality API solution, will be the winners in the competition for customers with their rivals, regardless of where they operate.

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