Ensuring data compliance with Spotless Data

The EU's new GDPR regulation can be said to be forcing businesses to put a padlock on the data in their computer systems

Businesses need to get ready for GDPR, which comes into force in 3 months and effects all companies holding data about EU citizens. Validating the data with Spotless machine learning filters can help all data governors tackling GDPR-based data compliance issues.

Spotless Data has recently begun offering our service offline, so that your precious data can be processed without ever leaving your data platforms, making it much easier for you to protect the privacy of individual people about whom you hold data. We have done this in response to the EU GDPR regulation, which comes into force on May 25th, and which enhances consumer rights and gives a legal footing to the digital rights and privacy of EU citizens, regardless of where in the world the data about them are held.

The importance of data compliance

All companies who have data about EU citizens are becoming aware of how the only way to be compliant with this regulation is to ensure that the data they have in their possess have been validated and that any new data undergo this data validation process before entering their platforms. Compliance with any other data laws that either exist or are likely to in the near future is also important.

Otherwise it is both impossible to protect these consumer digital rights and extremely difficult to defend your company's actions regarding its data governance because if your data are rogue data, full of inconsistencies and errors, they are neither fit to protect the privacy and rights of consumers or to be able to argue the company's case using evidential data. GDPR penalties would result in huge fines for your company, as well as offering a route to possible compensation claims from those whose rights, as defined by GDPR, have been violated. When you have clean data, where data sets have been spotlessly integrated, and the data now have data quality which can be trusted in, it becomes much easier to be data compliant.

Some companies already use a single customer view (SCV), which allows the employees to be able to see all the data about a particular customer on a single page. An SCV requires validated and well-organised and integrated data, and this is only really possible to build when the data have undergone data cleaning.

The demands of GDPR

GDPR demands transparency, and the right to be informed when data is gathered about consumers and their behaviour, some of which may actually belong to the consumer. This includes the right to be able to view said data on a single page (or 800 pages for a typical user of the Tinder dating site) such as an SCV, where the data is easy for the consumer to understand while not containing any information about the privacy of any other individual, which could happen with a corrupted email database or similar rogue data issue.

GDP also demands accountability. Imagine a situation where your company is facing a huge fine alongside the subsequent and arguably more damaging loss of its reputation, but because all the data in your platforms had been validated by Spotless you located the problem as being from another company you were collaborating with on a project. Data needs to be valid and integrated so that accountability is easy because it is just what the now clean data says. GDPR accountability also states that holding unnecessary data about EU citizens can result in the company facing court proceedings. So cleaning data to remove unwanted information using Spotless is a great way to avoid possible prosecution.

GDPR also requires the reporting of data breaches when there is the slightest possibility that a breach will result in the compromising of personal data about EU citizens. Data breaches and all aspects of data security are immensely helped by having clean and well-organised, as opposed to chaotic, data, primarily by allowing those in charge of the data to allocate more resources to those data which require higher levels of protection, for whatever reason. Data which need higher levels of post-GDPR security include all data which might be able to identify individual EU citizens or their consumer behaviour.

In the next three months, most businesses will be undergoing an internal review regarding how compliant their data are in terms of GDPR. While a few years ago it was mostly just IT companies who were dealing with big data, these enormous have begun to affect more and more companies in sectors as diverse as retail, manufacturing, transport, healthcare, the media and the financial sector in recent years, a process that is still only beginning as the Internet-of-things (IoT) begins to take off. Businesses in all these sectors are typically processing huge amounts of data, whether monitoring hearts on a healthcare IoT project or retailers selling online or transport tracking the journies of their customers, subsequently visible on a customer service view.

This is thus a great time to try out the Spotless Data solution to dirty or rogue data to help your company become data compliant more swiftly and easily.

The Spotless data compliance solution

You can read our introduction to using our API to validate your data. You can take advantage of our free offer of 500Mb of free data cleaning to see how much you like our service. If you haven't already done so, you can sign-up using your email address, Facebook, Google or GitHub accounts. You may also view our video on data cleaning an EPG file, which also explains how to use our API.

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