Spotless version 10 now live

Number 10 built from Rubik's cubes illustrates data validation for numbers

Spotless Data's version 10 introduces tags on blogs and a better way to ensure data validation of rogue data affecting numbers

We are delighted to announce the release of version 10 of our unique browseable data quality API solution to ensure you have data you can trust by data cleaning your rogue data of corruptions and inaccuracies and leaving them spotlessly scrubbed up.

Version 10 release includes the following:

  • Number validation A number validation solution has been added to the solutions we already had for five known dirty data issues. Just as we had already incorporated a data validation solution to validate data such as faulty dates (so that 08:00 8/17/16 is recognised and read as the same as 8 am on 17th August 2016) so the number validation rule does the same for any string of numbers, validating lists of numbers to ensure they are accurate and with no incorrect mismatches.
  • Tags in blogs Spotless blogs now include tags. Tags are designed to describe specific details of an individual blog. So this blog has been tagged "number validation", "tags" and "security enhancements" because these are themes which are specific to this particular blog. Tags provide an index for a particular blog and have been described as micro-data. They have been incorporated to help deepen your appreciation of any blog you are reading and to give an idea of what the blog contains at a single glance. You can also easily and seamlessly now discover all the blogs on a particular subject, such as tagged for data cleaning.
  • Security enhancements Security has never been more important for data than in 2017, as the latest news stories continuously remind us. We recognise the huge importance of security while looking after your valuable and confidential data while they are in our care. In this rapidly moving modern world, it is not enough to design a tight security architecture and then think that this is sufficient. What is required is to continuously update security measures, and Spotless does so in order to ensure that your data are always safe in our hands.                                                                                                                    

Please do sign up for our service using your email address, Facebook, Google or GitHub accounts. You can also view our videos on data cleaning an EPG file and data cleaning a genre column which explain how to use our API. If you would like to contact us you can speak to one of our team by pressing on the white square icon with a smile within a blue circle, which you can find in the bottom right-hand corner of any of the web pages on our site. Here is a quick link to our FAQ. You can also check out our range of subscription packages and pricing. We hope you enjoy! Have a great day!

If your data quality is an issue or you know that you have known sources of dirty data but your files are just too big, and the problems too numerous to be able to fix manually please do log in and try now