Who would benefit from using Spotless data quality API?

Businessman using data from multiple source would benefit from Spotless data integration

Anyone who wants to be in charge of their data should consider using Spotless Data's Machine Learning Filters data cleaning solution.

Who would benefit from using Spotless data quality API?

The simple answer is that any business or organisation that has to deal with any data would benefit, whether it is a new start-up or a multi-billion dollar business. However, we have identified three groups who are particularly likely to benefit from using Spotless unique web-based API solution for ensuring data quality you can trust in. These are system integrators, enterprises and platform and independent software vendors.

System Integrators

The goal of systems integrators is the integration of different computer systems, software applications, platforms and even file formats into one system that works. This is so whether offering business intelligence through a data warehouse or in software that does what it is supposed to do, typically transferring data from one platform to another and ensuring the data validation of data from legacy platforms. They can very easily get overwhelmed by poor quality data. Then they can end up spending all their time trying to fix them, in the knowledge that, whatever else they do, if the data they use do not have data integrity, then all the other work they do, apart from data cleaning to ensure data quality, will be of little use. This is why it makes so much sense for system integrators to use the Spotless API, thus freeing up their time to do all the other important tasks that system integration requires. 

Data is nowadays so critical that unless there is good quality data and data validation involved in the design and build phase of a project, then it is unlikely that the project will succeed.


Enterprises who might choose to use Spotless are essentially any company or organisation which uses data to help achieve its goals. The number of enterprises using data has greatly increased in the last decade and looks set to increase a great deal more in the coming one, partly due to the rise of the internet of things (IoT).

There is no doubt that the companies which deal with data in the most efficient ways are the ones which will be the most successful while businesses which neglect their data are the ones which will fail. This is so not merely for businesses in areas such as IT, where the importance of data is well-known. It is equally so in businesses where data has only been important in some areas, such as farming or product manufacture. And even in businesses where data has traditionally had no importance at all, such as an upmarket art gallery, where, other than employing an accountant to do the books, it was possible to ignore the data completely until recently. Yet, if the rival art gallery on the same high street is now using a data-driven marketing campaign and your art gallery is not, perhaps being unaware of how much dark data your gallery has and could be used to your advantage, were you aware of their existence and how to use them effectively.

Spotless data quality offering can be particularly useful to enterprises which have to deal with known sources of dirty or corrupted data. This includes any kind of manually entered data content, whether generated by users of a platform or by employees, who may have been trained to do a better job than inexperienced users, who have no idea what your platform's expectations are. Yet if they are entering similar data all day long, five days a week, it would be almost a miracle if they never made a mistake.

Transferring data from legacy platforms due to updating one's technology and computer systems is another common area where Spotless Data's web-based API can be invaluable in ensuring that the data in the new platform are impeccable and scrubbed up to perfection.

Platform and independent software vendors

While the price may be the attraction of using the products of a platform or independent software vendors (ISVs), it is innovation, mostly creating niche software that hardware manufacturers and others are not producing, which allows ISVs to sell their alternatives offerings. This may then lead to greater innovation in the markets in which the platform and ISVs operate, resulting in greater choice for their customers.

The software is data which has been encoded as computer instructions to achieve specific goals and do particular things. There are the data used in creating what the software does while the software, in its normal functioning, often has to process external data.

To give a simple example, grep software apps, which identifies regular expressions within a text, both requires encoded data in its design and construction in order to do what it is supposed to do, which is to correctly identify the regular expressions in any given text. Yet it also requires external data to examine to find the regular expressions it has been asked to find.

Unless a particular grep app has been built and then updated with quality data it will not be able to identify correctly any and all regular expressions loaded into it. Yet even if the grep app works perfectly, if the data the grep app is examining are poor quality data, identifying the regular expressions may not be very helpful. For instance, if you are trying to identify TV show title names using regular expressions but the data you are examining is poor quality, the grep app will identify Mr and Mrs and Mr & Mrs as two different TV shows, whereas there is clearly one show which has been given two different names. The explanation of this anomaly is likely to be that the TV data came from multiple sources and the reality is that TV shows are named slightly differently by different sources.

By building Spotless into your software tools you can ensure data quality and data integrity throughout your platform or software to ensure they work properly. You can also ensure that any 3rd party data which get entered are cleaned by using Spotless API at the point of entry into your platform.

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