Why We Started Spotless Data

Spotless Data's Machine Learning Filters creating Artificial Intelligence for Data Quality.

What inspired us to set up Spotless Data as a new start-up which uses Machine Learning filters to cleanse data in order to reach the holy grail of Data Quality you can trust, and which can do not merely what they were designed to do but new things as well, has been seeing time and again with the clients we were working with in our other business enterprises, of their need for a data quality they simply did not have. Instead they were plagued with problems of Rogue Data.

Companies Facing Data Quality Issues

We ended up having to help these clients, themselves mostly large corporations with a great deal of Big Data, including wasted Dark Data,  which they were failing to use to maximise their business advantage. We enabled them to set the processes in motion so that they could cleanse their own data as the first step towards being able to use them in a whole range of areas within their organisations from displaying information on their websites through creating their products through designing their latest Data-Driven Marketing  and Advertising campaigns and through internal business reporting, about the state of their business and  monitoring such issues as how the latest sales campaign was going and the financial health of their companies.

We realised it would be much more cost effective, not merely for our clients but for businesses everywhere, to use a service such as Spotless Data rather than to have to engage in the time-consuming and expensive process of setting up their own data cleansing from scratch. We also realised that by using Artificial Intelligence, in the form of Machine Learning filters, we could set up an easy-to-use python API that our customers could work with simply by accessing a web-browser from any device where they could also access their data. These filters would learn from their own experience and thus become better at what they were doing over time, becoming highly competent in dealing with a wide range of rogue data issues. We could thus offer a really useful and needed service to both our established and potential clients.

Spotless Data's Seamless Solution

Not only is our API easy-to use but we realised that the other great advantage it has over other data quality solutions that involve downloading a software app and having it installed on one's PC or other device is that those solutions have no real way of dealing with failures in the data cleansing process. At Spotless we absolutely do not believe that the failure to cleanse a particular batch of data satisfactorily means that our solution isn't fit for purpose or that we should pretend such failures don't occur. To the contrary, we consider these so-called failures to be a high priority, and a great chance for our Machine Learning filters to learn something new with the help of our thoroughly experienced data science team.

What we do is to quarantine the problematic data and get in touch with you via the email address you provide so that between us we can discuss the issue and quickly come to some kind of a resolution. We are all too aware that businesses don't need their newly acquired data cleaned tomorrow but today, right now in real-time. Apart from with the very largest files, the entire process of filtering out dirty and having spotlessly clean data takes roughly 5 minutes, as is illustrated in these two youtube videos, on cleansing an EPG file and cleansing a genre column within an EPG file.

What we particularly like about the API solution that we have created is that you submit your data by uploading it to the My Filters page (you need to be logged-in to see this which you can do via your email, facebook or github accounts) we analyse the file and give you a report on its contents. This takes about a minute. We then give you the power and responsibility of setting the variables which will actually clean the file. After all, you are the person who knows your data and what you want from it. This is easy to do using our drop-down boxes and simple instructions. As initially it may take a little time to get used to using our solution and to get exactly the results that you want we are offering each new customer 500Mb of free data cleansing in order to test our solution and ensure that when you go live with it on your platforms you will be getting the results that you want.

Outlining Our Service

Here is our introduction to using our API. We guarantee your data are secure and not accessible to any 3rd parties during the time they are in our care, a responsibility we take very seriously.

A quick link to our FAQ. You can also check out our range of Subscription Packages and Pricing.

If your data quality is an issue or you know that you have known sources of dirty data but your files are just too big, and the problems too numerous to be able to fix manually please do log in and try now