Frequently Asked Questions

How do I get spotless data?

Sign up for an account here, integrate the API into your workflow, and get cleaning.

What does it do?

Spotless provides a web service where dirty data is transformed into clean data using our machine learning filters.

What kind of cleansing is supported?

Spotless runs extensive validation including matching against known reference sets, full regular expression validation, and validation that CSV files are well formed and correctly  encoded. This can be used for check fields are well formed, matching database reference fields between two data sources, manually entered town or country names, or any other manually entered data.
How clean is clean?

We’re passionate about clean data. Every job is submitted together with an escalation email address and if  data is quarantined, we’ll alert you so you can fix.

How much does it cost?

It’s free for the first 500Mb. After that, it starts from $0.12 / Mb and goes up to $0.20 / Mb depending on your subscription plan. Full pricing is shown here.

How can I get support?

Check out questions on Stack Overflow here. If you can’t see the answer to your question, just post a new one tagged with spotless-data and we’ll pick it up and reply.

Are there limits on how much data I can submit?

You can submit up to one million records in a single job. If you need more than that then please split them into multiple jobs. 

Where is data processed?

In Ireland in the EU - if you want Singapore or US processing, please contact us by replying to your welcome email after signing up.