How much does it cost?


Each new user signed up to Spotless gets 500Mb to trial the system. After that is completed, you need to enter into a subscription.

The subscription adds new data to your account either weekly, monthly, or annually, and you can subscribe at four different levels of data:

  • 160Mb - our entry level package for those with smaller data sets
  • 640Mb - our most popular package
  • 2.5Gb - for more intense application
  • 10Gb - for heavy users with significant volumes of data

If you run out of data one month, you can upgrade to a higher package or to a more frequent billing frequency to immediately add data to your account on your next billing date. If you downgrade to a lower package it will only effect your next payment.


The current pricing is in effect

Data packageWeeklyMonthlyYearly
160Mb $50 $45 $36
640Mb $160 $144 $115
2.5Gb $512 $461 $369
10Gb $1,638 $1,475 $1,180

Which package should I choose?

The table below shows the effective cost/Mb for each package, together with the amount of data per month and the upfront cost

PeriodDataMonthly dataInitial costCost / Mb
Yearly16013Mb $36.00 $0.23
Yearly64053Mb $115.00 $0.18
Monthly160160Mb $45.00 $0.28
Yearly2560213Mb $369.00 $0.14
Monthly640640Mb $144.00 $0.23
Weekly160672Mb $50.00 $0.31
Yearly10240853Mb $1,180.00 $0.12
Monthly25602.5Gb $461.00 $0.18
Weekly6402.625Gb $160.00 $0.25
Monthly1024010Gb $1,475.00 $0.14
Weekly256010.5Gb $512.00 $0.20
Weekly1024042Gb $1,638.00 $0.16