How much does it cost?


Spotless charges per Mb of data cleansed. Each user signed up gets 500Mb free to trial the system and then need to enter into a subscription that will add new data to your account weekly, monthly, or annually depending on how much data you are going to need.

The more data you need, the less it costs per Mb to cleanse your data.

There are three sizes of package, each of which can be subscribed to either weekly, monthly, or annually:

If you run out of data one month, you can upgrade to a higher package or to a more frequent billing frequency to immediately add data to your account on your next billing date. If you downgrade to a lower package it will only effect your next payment.


The current pricing is in effect

Data packageWeeklyMonthlyYearly
640Mb $200 $180 $144
2.5Gb $640 $576 $461
10Gb $2,048 $1,843 $1,475

Which package should I choose?

The table below shows the effective cost/Mb for each package, together with the amount of data per month and the upfront cost

PeriodDataMonthly dataInitial costCost / Mb
Yearly64053Mb $144.00 $0.18
Yearly2560213Mb $461.00 $0.14
Monthly640640Mb $180.00 $0.23
Yearly10240853Mb $1,475.00 $0.12
Monthly25602.5Gb $576.00 $0.18
Weekly6402.625Gb $200.00 $0.25
Monthly1024010Gb $1,843.00 $0.14
Weekly256010.5Gb $640.00 $0.20
Weekly1024042Gb $2,048.00 $0.16